Ann Bubis Art Collage - Commissions

Ann is very happy to take commissions for mosaics, paintings and sculptures. If you have a particular idea you’d like to discuss, please contact us.

Understanding your vision for the piece is very important to Ann. She will take time to ask you many questions and discuss the work in depth as well as the aesthetic of the room where it will be displayed and the home in general. Depending on whether you commission a mosaic, painting or sculpture,  this will include conversations about the colour, size, type of paint or antique and collectables you wish to be incorporated, the frame that most appeals to you and that will work best both in the space and complementary to the art.

If Ann is creating a mosaic or sculpture for you, she will also ask if you wish to incorporate an object that holds special meaning. You may have a belonging that was left behind by a loved one who has passed away, for example, or something that tells the story of an important milestone in your own life.

Ann Bubis Art - Request a Commission